How to Get the Most out of your Uncuffed Report

There are a few different Uncuffed reports that you can purchase, depending on where you are in the job interview process, whether the company is private or public, and the level of insights our team was able to uncover.

We want to illustrate the differences, as well as give you some tips on how to get the most out of your choice.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-1-38-25-pmTip #1: Orange is a Must Read

In each report, we highlight our considerations, which we feel are most important for you to understand as you move
through the interview process.

The callouts relate to the section of the report, will always have our logo, run down the right side of your report, and have orange text.  They are designed to give you information to consider, context to the data, questions to ask, job interview tips, and in our Plus reports, compensation negotiation information.

We know the amount of information uncovered for each company varies.   The information differs markedly from public and private organizations and to a lesser degree within categories of companies themselves. To eliminate surprises, before your purchase, we set up a three-level insights scale – lite, moderate and robust.

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-12-08-17-pmPrivate companies will nearly always fall towards the lower end of the scale because we rarely have full financial statements.  Larger companies are typically in the moderate category, and small to mid-sized companies tend to provide more robust information.

Tip #2:  Use the Data

We strive to make our reports very specific for two reasons.  One, we want you to have a command of the data to best position yourself and two, we want you to listen for discrepancies during your interviews.

For example, one of our initial customers reported back that the hiring manager was very impressed she had found the data on the revenues of a private company and the fact that revenues were range-bound for a significant period.  That no-growth company was acquired for $46 million by the parent company where she was interviewing. When our report explained the company only valued their technology, not the brand or the talent, she had the proper perspective to frame her growth strategy during the interview.

On the discrepancy side, one company we investigated had a previous CMO with a very short tenure.  When the candidate asked about it in an interview, the company said, “When the new CEO came onboard he made several changes which is not unusual.” The problem?  The new CEO had hired and fired that CMO.  When the data doesn’t match the answer, consider it a red flag and you can decide if you want to call the interviewer on the discrepancy or not.

Tip #3  Plus or Minus

Nothing makes us happier than finding an unknown company we can recommend for serious employment consideration.  When you are seriously interested in a company, it’s time for a Plus report.

Our Plus reports are intensely detailed, highly critical, and contain the company’s compensation philosophy and verified current salary and compensation information.  We wanted to give you a real life example of a distinction between the two reports in the following video.

By the way, the report is named Plus, because we want you to decide if this position and company add to your happiness or not.  Our client was interviewing with two companies, one known Fortune 500 company and another smaller, but successful company.  She was dismissive of the smaller company and favoring the larger well-known company until she read her Uncuffed Plus report.  She took the smaller company job and said she had never been happier or more comfortable in a role.  That’s our goal for everyone – meaningful happiness at work.  That’s when you are really uncuffed.