The Start

I started this service out of my own epic failure.

At 46, I made a decision to take a new job. A decision made each month by three million other Americans. At the time the decision seemed equal parts monumental and mundane. Not so much.

That decision cost a lot of money, 40 pounds and a temporary loss of moxie.

2013-09-jennifer-bewley-headshot-happy-smallerAt my core, I’ve always loved digging for information. I was a researcher at a hedge fund for the first ten years of my career; I was a financial news producer, and I combined those two experiences into an investor relations and corporate communications career. I learned if you are objective about data and are willing to talk to people at all levels, it’s pretty easy to get a clear picture.

But, I failed myself and once inside the company, I knew what I had missed and where to find the data that would have spelled it out for me. That’s what Uncuffed is about – providing research to help candidates ace their interviews, vet their potential employers and negotiate a favorable contract.

In truth, I just don’t want people to work for shitty companies.

Here is what you can expect from Uncuffed report:

  • Every company is different, and so is every report;
  • Before you purchase, we provide a scale on the level of insights each report provides;
  • Each report will provide background on the company, industry and competitive insights.  From there, our research can go in a variety of directions depending on what is important for candidates to consider about their prospective employer and the information that is available;
  • For public companies, reports will include a review their stated growth strategy and prospects; and
  • We provide considerations and questions to ask, including an unformatted tear sheet of questions that you can take to the interview. See samples.

If a report isn’t ready, we will let you know when the report will be available.  If you are interviewing with a private company or want specific insights into a division, location or role at a larger company, schedule 15 minutes to talk to us and we will figure out together if our custom service will benefit you.  

In the end, Uncuffed won’t tell you to take a position or not. It’s your decision and a decision only you can make. We hope you go into a new job knowing what to expect and negotiating the best deal for you. The company will always take care of the company; only you can take care of you.


Feel free to connect directly with me at or on LinkedIn.