Recruiter Success: A Higher Level of Service in Less Time

When your company finds and recruits top quantitative and market research talent for start-ups and Fortune 50 companies, it’s important to provide candidates with great information. For Chicago-based Burtch Works, that critical task is led by Katie Prezas, the executive recruiting firm’s Director of Research and Operations.

Burtch Case Study - Data Science SalariesIt’s all about providing extensive information to help professionals make good decisions, Prezas says, because top quantitative candidates are often considering multiple offers. Burtch Works, the go-to resource for quantitative hiring, has an edge – proprietary industry research and rich information on average salaries in the analytics, data science, and marketing research fields. Katie and the Burtch Works team want to provide a higher level of service, but compiling dossiers of information to answer candidates’ specific questions could consume their days.

Then a long-time client referred them to Uncuffed, a new service that provides detailed research and analysis into prospective employers. Why provide only partial information, when you can give candidates a report regarding a company’s culture, strategy and results?

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From the outset, it was crystal-clear that Uncuffed was a huge timesaver. “It’s all the information that you can find yourself, but it would take eight hours on the weekend to compile,” noted Prezas. Before she found Uncuffed, Prezas would prepare candidates by sharing information about the interviewer, and send recent articles and videos about the prospective employer. Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 12.51.51 PM

By using Uncuffed, the information is more robust, and the candidate can get questions answered quickly. “The report gives candidates a more holistic picture of the company. All of the information is in one place and easily accessible,” said Prezas.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 12.52.14 PMThe reports haven’t just saved Katie and the team’s time; the candidates win too. According to Katie, “Candidates very much appreciate having the information available to them and not having to hunt for it themselves.”

For these in-demand candidates, their time can now be spent on higher value interview preparation. Katie explains, “Quantitative professionals love data. It’s why they are in the field. Uncuffed reports help candidates quickly understand business and the company’s strategy. Now, candidates can match their data know-how to the overall strategy. It’s one of the things our clients are often looking for – business acumen.”

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 12.52.04 PMInitially, Burtch Works was interested in Uncuffed for very senior roles but quickly extended the use of Uncuffed reports to all of their recruiters, even for junior positions. “We love that it’s not just financial data,” said Prezas, “and that it includes things like turnover and culture. Because it’s what candidates always want to know – is this the right decision?”

To answer that question, Uncuffed provides deep analysis of a company to present information with industry and competitive context. Random information and polarized reviews are replaced with data-driven insights to give professionals key takeaways.

At Burtch Works, cultivating candidates’ long-term careers is a top priority. Prezas added, “Our candidates love that we provide Uncuffed free of charge. It’s a value add.”

Katie Prezas, Director of Research and Operations, Burtch Works
Katie Prezas, Director of Research and Operations, Burtch Works


Katie Prezas has been the Director of Research and Operations at Burtch Works for over five years. She is the driving force behind The Burtch Works Studies, Burtch Works’ proprietary industry research, and partners with the recruiting teams to source for niche quantitative roles across the country.


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