Three Recruiting Firms Using Uncuffed as a Competitive Advantage

From marketing their firms and open positions to referring professionals, NPA Worldwide recruiting firms are finding different ways to use Uncuffed’s employer intelligence reports.

New business differentiator

Jim Lyons, President, LHI Executive Search
Jim Lyons, President, LHI Executive Search

There are more than 45,000 employment services businesses in the U.S. For Jim Lyons, President of LHI Executive Search, Uncuffed’s reports help his firm stand out.

“We use your reports in a lot of new business pitches right now. It’s differentiator as a new business tool,” said Jim. “When we give our prospective clients the reports, they are usually quite surprised at how much information is available on their company.” LHI works with a tremendous variety of companies in highly competitive markets, including private equity and venture capital-backed businesses, financial services, tech, management consulting, and digital marketing/advertising to name a few.

Uncuffed helps prospective and existing clients understand LHI’s work is going to be diligent. “They know we are persistent in our efforts on their behalf,” explained Jim. “It can placate client concerns.” The reports can help with candidates, too. “We have an agenda. The client has an agenda,” said Jim. “It’s a good third party opinion for the candidate to consider.” In fact, one professional got so excited about a company after receiving the report, Jim ended up placing two professionals at the client when his initial mandate was just one.

Jim admits he considers our research, before he decides if the company is going to be a client at all. “It’s a safeguard. We are doing everything possible to screen the company, too.”

Referring professionals

Jo Treitman, owner of The Acuity Group, which focuses on executive recruitment in all functional areas of Human Resources, saw Uncuffed as the way to validate newly created jobs. “I pulled someone out of a perfectly good job into a small company that was doing well, but not well enough,” explained Jo. The small company’s growth wavered and the professional was out. “I didn’t like that; I don’t sleep as well when it happens. It shouldn’t have even been a job.”

Jo Treitman, owner, The Acuity Group
Jo Treitman, owner, The Acuity Group

Jo uses Uncuffed to help decide what clients she will take on, and to help answer the tough questions executives put to recruiters. More frequently, she refers professionals to work with Uncuffed directly. “It’s a wonderful resource and a way for me to distinguish The Acuity Group by providing meaningful advice that not only helps that executive, but also helps us stand out for when they need to later build a team in their next role. My candidates, including those in transition, are looking at top HR jobs. They need to know the politics and drama. They need to know the investors are solid if they are moving to a smaller company,” said Jo.

Uncuffed’s reports give insight to prepare for interviews, as well as aiding candidates in the decision process for both public and private companies. Jo emphasized that she “likes that the reports are fact-based. You are getting real information. They are way more valuable than Glassdoor, which is often a “go-to” site by her candidates. Uncuffed has rigor and a totality that offers a real reference point for decision making.”

As part of its mission, Uncuffed will defer payment for transitioning professionals until they’ve found a new position.  See FAQs for more information.

Business and competitive intelligence

Elisa Sheftic, President & Managing Director, Right Executive Search
Elisa Sheftic, President & Managing Director, Right Executive Search

When someone sent Elisa Sheftic an Uncuffed report, she saw it as a “no-brainer.” Her firm, Right Executive Search, focuses on sourcing mid- to c-level executives in financial services, retail and professional services. That said, it is not unusual that other types of companies tap Elisa for her sourcing expertise. “The first report was extremely helpful, because it wasn’t an industry that we tend to focus on,” said Elisa. “The information helped me to figure out how to best market the company’s story and the competition.”

Before discovering Uncuffed, one of Right’s recruiters would do the research. “Your reports are even more in depth than what we were doing,” shared Elisa. “We need to know the company’s full story to market to passive candidates effectively. It’s the perfect amount of information. It’s well organized. It really makes you able to have an intelligent conversation about the value proposition of the role and company.”

Elisa uses our standard reports, which she buys in special NPA four-packs at a discount. “It’s benefits vs. costs. For the price, it’s a no-brainer,” said Elisa.

How did that first report turn out? “We placed someone there,” Elisa said. “The report really helped us understand the company was on a new growth track with new owners. It gave us an added edge.”

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