About Us

We want professionals to choose the organizations they work for wisely. That starts by providing detailed research on prospective employers to help professionals ace their interviews, vet employers and negotiate their deals.

Our Beginning

Uncuffed was founded in May 2016 in Brooklyn, New York. At age 46, our founder made her first career mistake: The job and the company didn’t fit her unique skillset and sensibilities. While it cost her financially, she really paid by having a miserable year.

With a goal of never paying in happiness again, she started thinking about what her research missed and how to use data to benefit candidates. She leaned on friends to get Uncuffed up and running in the hopes that arming professionals with information and analysis will allow them greater happiness by choosing companies that deserve their time and talents.


Where does the data come from?

The data comes is all publicly available from a variety of sources, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, Companies House, other government entities, and many, many other sources.

Why do you focus on financial data?

Financial data is the most robust, impartial information companies are required to report. We use a candidate’s perspective throughout our analyses to provide unique insights.

Why does the data vary from company to company?

Company and research choices cause the reports to vary. Companies are required to report certain financial data, however, non-required data varies by company. In addition, our research leads us in different directions. We focus on what we believe is most important for candidates to understand.

Does the size of company make a difference?

We find companies outside of the Fortune 500 are more interesting.

Can I get a preview report of the company I’m interested in?

We haven’t built in that functionality at this time. If you feel like this is imperative to using our service, please send your feedback to info@getuncuffed.com.

I’m unemployed and I’d love to use your service, but I can’t afford it?

We are happy to defer payment for Standard and Plus reports for those who are unemployed – please email our team at info@getuncuffed.com with your Uncuffed username and LinkedIn profile URL at the start and end of your unemployment. You can pay us when you’ve found the right job.

I just placed an order – now what?

If you have ordered a Standard or Plus report that is current and available, you will be presented with a download page and the report can be found on your account dashboard when logged in.

If you have ordered a Standard or Plus report that is not currently available, we will send you an email with a delivery date. If the delivery date is acceptable, let us know and we'll send you an update when the report is ready for you to purchase.

If you are interested in a Custom report, we will schedule a brief interview with you to understand your goals. At that time, we will establish together if your goals can be accomplished, a price and delivery date.

If you ever have a question about your order, please email info@getuncuffed.com or call (347) 687-7013.

What types of custom reports have you done?

In the simplest form, our customers have wanted specific questions and analyses related to their role, department, division or compensation. We interview former employees at companies to get a read on the culture, and getting specific questions answered. Both sides stay anonymous – which allows our clients the insights they need to make their decisions.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

Most major credit cards.

Do you provide reports on private companies and non-profits?

We do provide reports on private organizations. We've had great responses from customers on the insights and data we can deliver, even though we rarely have detailed financial statements.

Do you provide reports for companies outside the United States?

Yes. We've worked on companies headquartered in China, Australia, Singapore and the UK.

Why the name Uncuffed?

Uncuffed is a play on “golden handcuffs,” which refers to the benefits, provided by an employer to discourage an employee from leaving. If you are going to “uncuff” from your current employer, we want you to have the proper picture of a company, not the one that was marketed to you by the employer and hiring manager.

Do you work with companies and non-profits that your reports cover?

We reach out to employers when we need to clarify factual information. In addition, organizations are welcome to send us factual information and feedback that is independently verifiable. We put professionals first, even if it means we make less money.

We're here, how can we help?